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Anti-Webshellv2.0 on AWS has the following key customer success.

Enhance web service safety based on AWS by introducing anti-webshell specialized for AWS

Customer Stories : Youngwoo Digital (

Customer About:
Youngwoo Digital is a total IT solution vendor that continuously adds various IT products to pursue convergence and combines HW distribution as well as more advanced technical services, networks and solutions. We provide comprehensive cloud services, including hybrid cloud construction consulting services for companies looking to build a cloud. Youngwoo Digital was important to build a fast IT environment and combine it with customer service, along with reliability, cost and compliance and security for delivering Total IT solutions and providing multiple cloud services such as AWS, KT U Cloud and VMWare Cloud.

Youngwoo Digital has used web shell detection system of other products to provide web services to customers safely. However, existing web shell detection solutions were not supported by AWS, so customers who migrated to AWS could not provide a secure WEB service environment. So, to protect web contents in AWS environment, we chose ADT Caps's webshell detection solution, Anti-Webshell solution. In addition, they are used ADT Caps Managed Cloud Security Service for security stability of operation and responding to infringement incidents.

How Youngwoo Digital solved it with Anti-Webshell Solution:
We have built an anti-webshell solution, a web shell detection system specialized for AWS, for web services in the AWS environment. Anti-Webshell is available to customers as an AWS AMI.In addition, it is designed to flexibly scale-down and scale-out according to the customer's web workload usage by setting up AWS auto-scaling. Anti-Webshell detects and isolates the webshell inserted into the web server in real time. This effectively increased the safety of AWS-based web services. If security incident occures, We'll perform a swift analysis and response. also, Infosec established group response system for continuous intension of security level and management plan for security threat.

In this project, it was necessary to secure the stability of the security service while enabling casual services considering the characteristics of AWS. In order to meet these requirements, it was important to establish a countermeasure against possible security threats while providing services. To this end, the customer built an anti-webshell solution to protect the web contents and selected ADT Caps Managed Cloud Security Service as the 24X365 security control service to build and operate a secure service environment.

Additional information
-ADT Caps' ADT Caps Managed Cloud Security Service is built on top of the AWS environment.
-This is a kind of SIEM that collects and analyzes the customer's security log and provides a professional security analysis service to the customer.